Loom – Multipurpose Responsive WordPress Theme Download zip Template FREE

Loom – Multipurpose Responsive WordPress Theme Download zip Template FREE

 Loom - Multipurpose Responsive WordPress Theme - Creative WordPress

Loom – Multipurpose Responsive WordPress Theme FREE Template

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    Loom – Multipurpose Responsive WordPress Theme

    Loom is a flat and responsive WordPress Theme with a clean and professional design which will be a great solution for your business, portfolio, blog or any other purpose website. Loom was built with awesome Twitter Bootstrap v3 and it loads of page builder elements pages with unlimited color options. Since it is responsive, the layout will adapt to different screen sizes which will make your website be compatible with any device such as smart phones, tablets or desktop computers.

    Loom – Main Features

    Single Page Version Built In! – Loom even allows you to make a single page site, with all menu scrolling and highlighting functions included. Build it out into a multipage site, or stick with single page if you like things simple, the choice is yours!

    8 Beautiful header types – Choose from a basic header, or get some social icons, your business phone number and contact email right up there in your visitors face. Each header also has a centred version as well!

    Custom Image Cropping – Sick of not being able to choose the crop area of your featured images? Not in Loom, you have total control of where your featured images crop.

    Ebor Template Builder – Love Aqua Page builder, but feel it’s missing some features? My custom build adds them. Markup buttons, template duplication, quick view list for templates and loads more. It’s Aqua Page Builder on steroids.

    30+ Custom Page Builder Elements & Counting! – The page builder in Loom comes packed full of features that are totally customisable, to extend that we’ve hand designed and coded another 30+ element for the page builder, just for Loom! Full blog feeds, portfolio feeds, carousels, you name it! Best of all, each element is totally customisable, show only certain categories in a page, define background images, everything!

    Parallax Background Image Sections – You can set parallax background images on a section by section basis when building your pages. Anything is possible.

    Revolution Slider Included ($16 Value) – Revolution slider is included with your download, and it even integrates with the page builder! Full demo data of our demo slider is also included.

    Custom Logos – Loom lets you set a custom logo, retina logo, and even a logo for the WP Login screen, all with a few clicks in our beautiful live preview theme options. Even our theme options let you see your theme changes in real time!

    Unlimited Colour Schemes, 600+ Google Fonts, 300 Background Textures – Loom gives you full control over the theme colours, using our live preview theme options you can change all the colours in the theme, you’re given total control over the theme fonts, sizes, paddings, margins, you name it! Add to that 18 beautiful background textures ready right there in the theme, and another 300 ready with a simple plugin install.

    One Click Demo Data Installer – With my custom wordpress data importer, your site can be up and running like my demo site in seconds.

    WPML Support – Full multilingual support is baked right into Loom! Full .po file available for more simple translations also.

    Gravity Forms & Contact Form 7 Support – Loom is totally ready for Gravity Forms straight out of the box, start building the forms you need straight away. If you’d prefer a free contact form builder, we also support Contact Form 7 in Loom!

    1, 2, 3 or 4 columns footer – It’s all up to you! the theme will respond to how you’re using the footer widgets areas and build the columns with no extra work from you!

    Mailchimp integrated newsletter widget – Our included Mailchimp newsletter widget lets your users sign right up to your mail chimp lists. Integrates with the Mailchimp API so that you can magically have users sign up directly to your chosen list, no extra effort needed!

    WordPress Post Formats Support – Our posts use post formats to produce beautiful layouts depending on what you’re showing. Each with beautiful, easy to use controls to make your content shine!

    Built in sharing – We’ve built beautifully styled sharing buttons right into the theme, share your content with style.

    500+ Icons – Beautiful, retina ready icons at your disposal, use them all over the theme, they look beautiful on mobile devices too!

    Blog Layouts – Grid Blog, Classic Blog and all again with a sidebar. You’ve got 4 different blog layouts to choose from, and with the included page builder, you can even change this on a page by page basis! Want one layout for one category, and other layout for another category, no problem!

    Portfolio Post Type Layouts – Pick a post format, pick a post layout, mix and match to make a portfolio post that truly suits your content. Feature images, gallery, sound cloud, video, anything you need! then let your users share it with our beautiful sharing buttons.

    Child theme included! – To make life easier I’ve included a basic child theme for you to install. Get your modifications going even faster!

    5* Support, All From the Developer – I run all my own support, so you’re guaranteed a great & quick answer to your theme usage or setup question.

    Free Homepage .PSD AvailableCheck it out here.

    Key Features

    • WP 4.8+ ready
    • One Click Demo Install
    • Amazing Ebor Page Builder Included
    • Lightning Fast
    • Fully Localized and Translation Ready
    • Flat design
    • 8 Headers
    • Single Page functionality included!
    • Revolution Slider Included ($16 value)
    • %100 Fully Responsive
    • Twitter Bootstrap 3.1.1
    • Canvas add-on ($9 value)
    • Parallax effect
    • 18 Default Background options, add 300+ with our suggested plugin!
    • 4 Homepage layouts
    • Retina-ready graphics and icons
    • SEO-friendly
    • Fancybox ($19 value)
    • Pricing Table ($4 value)
    • Portfolio posts types
    • Filterable portfolio
    • Google Fonts
    • Rich styling options
    • Contact form 7 ready
    • Gravity Forms Ready
    • Help documentation
    • jQuery enhanced
    • Cross browser compatibility

    Theme Updates

    August 2015 – v2.0.4

    FIXED - WP 4.3 Fixes - Delete and allow the theme to reinstall the theme extras plugin
    REMOVED - Suggested mailchimp plugin, causes issues on wp 4.3
    ADDED - Title option to image block
    FIXED - Testimonials carousel issue if only 1 item
    SPEED INCREASE - CSS and JS items have been reworked, less page load needed
    General theme cleanup

    September 2014 – v2.0.3

    ADDED - Ability to use image instead of icon in appropriate blocks
    ADDED - Gallery short code lightbox shows caption & title if a caption is present
    UPDATED - Page builder styling

    September 2014 – v2.0.2

    FIXED - Issue with pagination if a block feed was placed on the homepage
    IMPROVED - Consistent list styling in sidebar

    September 2014 – v2.0.1

    Affected Files:

    +3 ?3 ebor_framework/styles_scripts.php
    +45 ?0 header-soon.php
    +31 ?1 page_builder_blocks/gallery_block.php
    +29 ?0 page_coming_soon.php
    +5 ?1 style.css
    +5 ?1 style/js/scripts.js

    ADDED - Coming soon page template
    ADDED - Widget area for coming soon page template
    FIXED - Lightbox categories
    ADDED - NEW! Lightbox now properly conforms to the chosen portfolio category, no more jumping between categories if you already have one selected.
    FIXED - Multiple slider blocks in one page now control separately with the left/right buttons.

    August 2014 – v2.0.0

    Affected Files:

    All theme files affected, this is a major update.

    Major Theme Updated
    ADDED - WooCommerce Support, Styling & Functions

    July 2014 – v1.0.10

    Affected Files:

    • +1 -1 ebor_framework/custom_colours.php
    • +23 -3 ebor_framework/theme_filters.php
    • +30 -2 ebor_framework/theme_options.php
    • +3 -1 footer-multiwidget.php
    • +30 -0 loop/content-team-feed.php
    • +31 -0 loop/content-team-grid.php
    • +13 -0 loop/loop-social-footer.php
    • +127 -0 page_builder_blocks/gallery_block.php
    • +39 -48 page_builder_blocks/team_feed_block.php
    • +4 -0 page_builder_init.php
    • +45 -10 style.css
    FIXED - IE9 Column Width Issue in grid blog
    ADDED - wp_gallery short code now has masonry for better layout
    FIXED - Fancybox buttons covering play button in lightbox for videos
    ADDED - Slider block to page builder
    ADDED - Caption support to wp_gallery
    ADDED - Footer social icons options, choose between menu or social icons
    ADDED - Team grid layout to team feed block
    FIXED - Multiline list elements now look more appealing
    MISC - JS/CSS Fixes
    MISC - JS Optimisations

    June 2014 – v1.0.9

    Affected Files:

    • +17 -1 ebor_framework/theme_options.php
    • +2 -2 footer.php
    • +1 -1 page_builder_blocks/icon_column_block.php
    • +37 -2 page_builder_blocks/portfolio_block.php
    • +47 -47 page_builder_blocks/team_carousel_block.php
    • +1 -1 style.css
    FIXED - Team Carousel
    FIXED - Small spacing issue in icon columns
    MISC - CSS Tweaks
    ADDED - Footer Selector to theme options
    FIXED - Bug in footer selection
    ADDED - Child portfolio categories now show as filters in portfolio block when filtered to a parent category

    June 2014 – v1.0.8

    Affected Files:

    • single.php
    • /style/js/scripts.js
    FIXED - Keyboard bug introduced by v1.0.7
    FIXED - Disable sidebar option for blog posts

    June 2014 – v1.0.7

    Affected Files:

    • +4 -2 ebor_framework/custom_colours.php
    • +1 -1 ebor_framework/theme_filters.php
    • +1 -1 inc/content-portfoliofull.php
    • +1 -1 inc/content-portfoliohalf.php
    • +5 -2 loop/content-postclassic.php
    • +16 -3 page_builder_blocks/image_block.php
    • +1 -1 searchform.php
    • +20 -5 single.php
    • +23 -5 style.css
    • +12 -3 style/js/scripts.js
    ADDED - Lightbox Option to Image Block in Page builder
    MISC - CSS Fixes
    IMPROVED - Password on posts improvements
    FIX - All post content images automatically responsive
    ADDED - Prev/Next arrows to bottom of blog posts
    ADDED - All images added to posts content linking to themselves now automatically open in lightbox
    ADDED - Keyboard Nav (left/right) for galleries on portfolio posts

    June 2014 – v1.0.6

    Affected Files:

    • +1 -0 header.php
    • +6 -2 inc/content-portfoliofull.php
    • +4 -2 inc/content-portfoliohalf.php
    • +1 -1 loop/content-carouselportfolio.php
    • +43 -0 page_builder_blocks/video_block.php
    • +8 -16 page_builder_init.php
    • +42 -0 page_sidebar.php
    • +3 -0 sidebar-page.php
    • +8 -1 style.css
    • +5 -1 style/js/scripts.js
    ADDED - Video block in page builder, can use any oEmbed Service
    FIXED - Bug with certain menu names
    ADDED - Page with sidebar template
    ADDED - Page sidebar
    ADDED - Password protection functionality for portfolio posts
    FIXED - Icon colours when on parallax background

    May 2014 – v1.0.5

    Affected Files:

    • +2 -1 ebor_framework/custom_colours.php
    • +2 -1 ebor_framework/styles_scripts.php
    • +10 -3 ebor_framework/theme_filters.php
    • +28 -0 ebor_framework/theme_options.php
    • +2 -2 page_builder_blocks/section_block.php
    • +60 -1 style.css
    • +24 -0 style/js/scripts.js
    ADDED - Theme option to turn on single page functions
    ADDED - Single page scroll functions
    ADDED - Single page highlight functions
    ADDED - Theme option to center logo and nav
    ADDED - underline social header type CENTERED
    ADDED - header email option CENTERED
    ADDED - header phone number option CENTERED
    ADDED - header social icons options CENTERED
    ADDED - Single page marking to the page section block

    May 2014 – v1.0.4

    Affected Files:

    • +11 -10 ebor_framework/custom_colours.php
    • +74 -1 ebor_framework/theme_options.php
    • +11 -1 header.php
    • +27 -0 inc/content-sub-header.php
    • +19 -2 page_builder_blocks/icon_block.php
    • +52 -5 style.css
    ADDED - Basic Header Type
    ADDED - Dark social header type
    ADDED - Light social header type
    ADDED - underline social header type
    ADDED - header email option
    ADDED - header phone number option
    ADDED - header social icons options
    ADDED - Option to link icon block to custom URLs
    ADDED - Text fallback for logo
    MISC - CSS/JS tweaks

    May 2014 – v1.0.3

    Affected Files:

    • +4 -1 404.php
    • +4 -3 archive-portfolio.php
    • +31 -0 author.php
    • +4 -2 ebor_framework/custom_colours.php
    • +1 -1 ebor_framework/theme_filters.php
    • +14 -12 loop/loop-social.php
    • +41 -9 page_builder_blocks/team_carousel_block.php
    • +15 -12 single-team.php
    • +10 -3 style.css
    • +1 -0 style/js/scripts.js
    • +12 -3 taxonomy-portfolio-category.php
    MISC - CSS Tweaks
    IMPROVED  - single-team.php
    ADDED - author.php
    FIXED - Social icons can now use the Skype protocol
    IMPROVED - Excerpt more changed to ...
    IMPROVED - Portfolio archives make less server calls
    FIXED - Colon removed from mail chimp widget placeholder
    ADDED - Option to team carousel to choose between the_content and the_excerpt
    ADDED - Option to team carousel to choose to link to single team or not
    FIXED - Hover issue on mail chimp widget submit

    May 2014 – v1.0.2

    Affected Files:

    • +3 -1 ebor_framework/custom_colours.php
    • +11 -1 ebor_framework/styles_scripts.php
    • +12 -0 ebor_framework/theme_options.php
    • +1 -1 page_builder_blocks/blog_carousel_block.php
    • +1 -1 page_builder_blocks/portfolio_carousel_block.php
    • +16 -5 page_builder_blocks/tabs_block.php
    • +1 -1 page_builder_blocks/team_carousel_block.php
    • +1 -1 single-portfolio.php
    • +12 -1 style.css
    • +0 -0 style/images/grabbing.png
    • +24 -43 style/js/scripts.js
    ADDED - grabbing.png
    ADDED - Theme option to disable fixed header
    FIXED - No carousel arrows shown if only 3 items
    FIXED - Multiple toggles block possible in same view
    FIXED - Multiple tabs block possible in same view
    MISC - Control naming in carousel blocks in page builder

    May 2014 – v1.0.1

    Affected Files:

    • +10 -2 archive-portfolio.php
    • +2 -0 ebor_framework/theme_options.php
    • +1 -1 page_builder_blocks/image_block.php
    • +10 -2 page_builder_blocks/portfolio_block.php
    • +0 -1 page_builder_init.php
    • +32 -8 style.css
    FIX - Column block readded to page builder
    ADDED - 3 Column Classic Portfolio Option
    FIX - HTML error in image block in page builder
    ADDED - Theme Option for 3 column classic portfolio option
    FIX - Map is shown a little less tall on mobile devices

    May 2014 – Initial Release

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    13 May 14
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