Classiads – Classified Ads WordPress Theme Download zip Template FREE

Classiads – Classified Ads WordPress Theme Download zip Template FREE

Classiads - Classified Ads WordPress Theme - Directory & Listings Corporate

Classiads – Classified Ads WordPress Theme FREE Template

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    Classiads – Classified ads WordPress theme

    The ClassiAds is all time #1 Premium Classified Ads WordPress Theme on Themeforest. We know its a perfect choice for your business. Super flexible, Rich with features availability, Drag and Drop system with page builder and Top payment gateways 100% responsive design (try resizing your browser). Built with HTML5 and CSS3. A lot of thought and care were put into ClassiAds making it a pleasure to use.

    We carefully hand crafted this theme with a strong focus on typography, usability and overall user-experience. It’s very quick to setup and easy to customize. You’ll love it.


    • Clean, Modern Design can be used for any type of website
    • Fully Responsive
    • Custom fields
    • Built with HTML5 and CSS3
    • Unlimited Colors
    • Visual composer integration
    • Woocomerce 3X integration
    • payment gateway
    • Bank transfer gateway
    • Membership system
    • back-end ads posting
    • Review and rating system
    • recurring PayPal payments
    • Print and PDF option
    • User email verification on registration
    • User menu in the header
    • Invoices system
    • Email notification
    • Pay per post system
    • Comments system
    • Billing history
    • Add to favorite option
    • Custom Banner
    • +6 Pre-Made Layouts
    • 100% RTL Supported
    • Arabic Pre-made layout Included
    • MailChimp Integrated
    • PayPal Integrated
    • Google maps integrated
    • Google maps styles option
    • Geo location support
    • ReduxFramework
    • Bootstrap 3
    • Child Theme Supported
    • Pricing Plan Paid and Free both available
    • Turn ON/OFF Featured Ads Option
    • bbPress (Forum)
    • LayerSlider $15
    • Sliders are touch swipe compatible
    • Working Contact form
    • Cross Browser support
    • Twitter integrated
    • Strong focus on typography, usability and overall user-experience
    • 650+ Google fonts
    • Social media icons
    • SEO optimized
    • Translation Support, Includes the .po and .mo files
    • Unbranded Advanced Theme Options Panel
    • Latest WordPress 4.8 ready
    • Membership Plans
    • Front End Listing Submission
    • Facebook Login
    • Twitter login
    • Google Plus Login
    • Language translation supported
    • Social Share for Posts
    • Well commented code.
    • and much more.

    Change Log

    11 – Oct – 17 – V5.1 Updated

    + Badges included
    + author verfication system Added
    + lightbox added on single listing
    + Admin links added in header for logged-in user
    + Price added on image gallery at single listing page
    + New font icons added
    + new category style added
    + option added for notification email id
    + author types added (dealer, individual, Agency, Supplier)
    + performance optimization
    * some font-icons style-sheet issue fixed
    * dashboard responsive layout fixed
    * author widget fixed
    * list style on loadmore fixed
    * scroll issue fixed
    * single page issues fixed
    * search bar advanced panel issue fixed
    * custom tables special characters issue fixed
    * single page image width issue fixed
    * default thumbnail was not loading, fixed
    * translation issues fixed
    * translation files updated
    * visual composer plugin updated
    * revolution slider updated
    * dhvc plugin updated
    * ultimate addon for vc updated
    * notifications issue fixed in pro
    * fatal error if listing plugin got disabled fixed.
    * fatal error if dhvc plugin disabled fixed
    * plugins installation issue fixed
    * demo site installation issue due to ssl fixed
    * post styles improvement
    And a lot more fixes

    5 Aug 17 – V4.3.1 Updated

    * Review system issues Fixed
    * image gallery issue fixed on edit post
    * login, Register system issues fixed
    * Notification issue fixed
    * 50+ minor fixes

    13 July 17 – V4.3 Updated

    We request you to please read carefully before upgrading to the newer version that Classiads 4x is completely re-written framework based on Visual composer (Page Builder), please create a complete backup before upgrading Classiads from 3x to 4x, please follow documentation for new setup..

    + New directory version
    + Visual composer integration
    + Woocomerce 3X integration
    + PayPal payments method improved
    + New payment gateway
    + Bank transfer gateway
    + Membership system
    + back-end ads posting
    + new custom fields system
    + Review and rating system
    + recurring PayPal payments
    + Ad detail page slider with thumbnail
    + free/regular ads turn on/off option
    + Print and PDF option
    + user email verification on registration
    + user menu added in header
    + invoices system
    + email notification
    + Pay per post system
    + comments system on ad detail page
    + billing history
    + add to favorite option
    13 January 17 – V3.6.2 Updated
    + New Page added for template all locations --- Update
    + Featured ads orderby random or latest order --- Updated
    + Layer Slider 6.1.0 --- updated
    + Chosen Latest Version 1.6.0 --- updated
    + Category Custom Field change with ajax base on new ad page --- updated
    + Featured Slider loop true with owl slider ---- Fixed
    + feature image on post --- fixed
    + widgets showing below page on new ad page --- fixed
    + CSS issues --- fixed
    Please see the URL
    11 december 16 – V3.6.1 Updated
    + agrg.pot file --- updated
    + featured post thumbnail feature added in jQuery filer  --- updated
    + Post images uploading changed with Ajax uploading  --- updated
    + New Page template-login-with-password.php added --- updated
    + Featured Grid Loop Limit Connected with redux ----- updated
    + Profile Logo Function Update
    + WordPress 4.7 compatibility issues fixed  --- Fixed
    + Currecny Symbol Issues Fixed
    Please see the URL
    24 November 16 – V3.6 Updated
    + User profile image function ----- Updated
    + Boostrap 3 Added ----- updated
    + Search Result with loadmore ajax button ----- updated
    + Admin can edit all post from frontend ----- updated
    + Blog news section on homepage update  ----- updated
    + Section Title Style  ----- updated
    + Fontawesome 4.7 ----- updated
    + Redux Famework Latest Version Updated 3.6.2  ----- updated
    + Category Box Load More with ajax   ----- updated
    + Owl slider replaced with horizontal slider  ----- updated
    + Separate banner from adsense in theme options. ----- updated
    + Add Pagination on profile page and author.php Pagination ----- updated
    + JQuery File Uploader Image add in Post Submit Page ----- updated
    + Notification About Post to post author email ----- updated
    + New Currecny Setting   ---- Update
    + Redux option new 2 field added for custom css and javascript ---- updated
    + pot file and ar.po file --- updated
    + template-contact.php ------------------ Fixed
    + Dynamic Captch below contact form ------------------ Fixed
    + Image uploading limit ------------------   Fixed
    + Post add new page select box change with chosen-------- Fixed
    + Blog category page ------ Fixed
    + Username with (Sepcial Characeters) cannot register ------ Fixed
    + Add new add without location error ------ Fixed
    + Child theme ------ Fixed
    + Google+ double icon on header ------ Fixed
    + Alphabetically category and location ------ Fixed
    + Error messages on login page position issue ------ Fixed
    + Social popup on single page   ---- Fixed
    + Leave message to author not human error   ---- Fixed
    + Extra dot on single image slider  ---- Fixed
    + Plan Submit Button Two times gives double plan with single payment  ---- Fixed
    + Admin assigned plan not working with feature ad counter on profile page  ---- Fixed
    + Responsivness issue ------- fixed
    Please see the URL
    28 August 16 – V3.5.4 Updated
    + New social Fields added in User edit profile at frontend
    + Pricing plan's types added
    + 2 types of pricing plans. 1) Paid, 2) Free
    + Both Pricing plans have their different Meta-boxes
    + 4 points for free pricing plan meta-boxes added
    + Redirect to New ad page for free pricing plan
    + Disable Map from all over theme, Option added to general options in Classiads options
    + Location taxonomy template Grids readjusted
    + Radius Option removed from search bar while map disable option is true
    + Delete Ad popup issue fixed
    + New Blog sidebar Added
    + Recent Posts list Widget Updated
    + Recent posts normal widget updated
    + Child Theme Added
    Please see the URL
    24 August 16 – V3.5.3 Updated
    + RTL.CSS Updated
    + Arabic pre-made demo Added
    + Responsive Fixes
    + Option Added for post Title Letters Limit.
    + Classiads.pot and ar.po new files added in Language Folder
    + CSS Fixes
    Please see the URL
    31 July 16 – V3.5.2 Updated
    + Social Links added to Author profile
    + Author Info Added to author public profile
    + Pricing Plan Features Controlling from Plan meta
    + Default Image for ads (While user will upload his ad without image this image will automatically added to the ad)
    + Default image option at the backend controlled by admin
    + Slider Option on blog (It is optional)
    + Instagram social icon added to social icons
    + More words added to the language file
    + Footer form placholder Css updated
    + Footer options shifted from general settings to footer settings
    + Google styling Option added to Google map settings
    + One click demo data importer added
    Details: User will select one layout from our 4 layouts and hit the demo data import button
    It will update following things
    1) All posts, Pages and media
    2) Theme options of selected demo layout
    3) It will automatically update all page's URL in classiads options > Pages
    4) Home page Will be set automatically in Settings -> Readings
    5) All Widgets will be set automatically of selected layout
    6) Both header and footer menu will be set automatically
    As result Website will be exactly the same as demo which he selected just on one click.
    Please see the URL
    17 July 16 – V3.5.1 Updated
    + Mobile menu updated
    + Responsiveness improved
    Please see the URL
    3 July 16 – V3.5.1 Updated
    + Google Map API updated
    + PHP functions updated for latest PHP version
    + All category templates description integreted with backend.
    + Redux updated to latest
    + TGMPA class updated to latest
    + More paypal supported currencies added
    + JS functions updated
    Please see the URL
    3 June 16 – V3.5.1 Updated
    + Added more custom fields options Like: Checkbox, dropdown and text field
    Please see the URL
    4 May 16 – V3.5.0 Updated
    + WordPress 4.5 fixed
    + New layout Added
    + New Responsive menu fixed
    + Category related Fetured ad slider issue fixed
    Please see the URL
    15 April 16 – V3.4.2 Updated
    + Documentation updated with new layout
    + rtl.css updated
    + responsive.css Updated
    Please see the URL
    28 February 16 – V3.4.1 Updated
    + Added blog custom post type
    + Added blog page template
    + Admin can make any ad featured from backend
    + Admin can make any featured ad to regular ad
    + Fixed header version 3 responsive issue
    + Ads to show on homepage limit increased
    + Added image gallery feature while user posting ad from frontend
    + User can make any image as featured ad while posting from frontend
    + Map pins styles according to ad styles
    + Fixed map pin issue on single.php
    + Added Feature ads posting on/off option
    + Fixed css issue on header 5
    + Fixed Boxed view responsive issue
    + Added options for sections titles at the backend
    + Text editor at frontend posting form enabled permanently (IF want to disable contact to support)
    + Added option to add tag line on pricing plan.
    + Added URL option for partner logos
    Please see the URL
    15 January 16 – V3.4 Updated
    + Added new header styles
    + Added new search styles
    + Added new Custom banner builder
    + Added new Featured carousel styles
    + Added new Ad's grid and listings styles
    + Added new Category grid styles
    + Added new Footer features styles
    + Added sticky menu option
    + Added new menu styles
    Please see the URL
    18 October 15 – V3.2.1 Updated
    + Added FancyBox for ad images
    + Added video insert with simple URL
    + Added homepage ads limit settings at backend
    + Fixed contact page layout for fixed version
    Please see the URL
    2 September 15 – V3.2 Updated
    + Fixed Menu position auto adjustment with logo size
    + Fixed sub-category map pin issue
    + Fixed New ad error messages
    + Fixed error message duplication on login page
    Please see the URL
    13 August 15 – V3.1 Updated
    + Fixed responsive issues
    + Fixed css issues
    + Improved search accuracy
    + Added bundle of icons in download file
    + Reduced page load time
    + Updated .po file
    Please see the URL
    4 August 15 – V3.0 Updated
    + We have added a complete new version of classiads.
    Please see the URL
    10 July 15 – V2.3 Updated
    + Added more check on register page
    + Added capcha on register page
    + .po file updated
    Files Edited
    + en_US.po
    + template-register.php
    8 July 15 – V2.3 Updated
    + Email verification on user registration, (Password send through email)
    Files Edited
    + functions.php
    + template-register.php
    + template-login.php
    25 April 15 – V2.2 Updated
    + TGM Plugin Activation class (Recommended version 2.4.1)
    + Redux Framework (Latest recommended version 3.5.4)
    + LayerSlider (Latest version 5.3.2)
    + Paypal Currency Issue (Solved)
    31 January 15 – V2.1 updated
    + Category map on/off option added (Added)
    + Ads slider on/off option (Added)
    + FontAwesome version update (Update)
    20 January 15 – V2.0 updated
    + Admin can disable free ad posting and make theme fully paid (Added)
    + List view template fullwidth (Added)
    + List view Template with sidebar (Added)
    + List view / Grid view switcher added on homepage (Added)
    + Hide/Show category block, location block and callout message box option (Added)
    +  Which ad view admin wants to show on home page (List/Grid), (Added)
    + Packages purchase history page with details and current status (Added)
    + Admin can assign any Pricing plan to any user manually. (Added)
    + Admin can cancel any pricing plan for any user manually. (Added)
    + Some css fixes (Update)
    22 December 14 – V1.2.4 updated
    + .po file updated and translation related issues solved (Updated)
    + Mobile responsive issue solved  (Updated)
    + Homepage options added like Category count and Ads count  (Added)
    + Css issues solved  (Updated)
    20 November 14 – V1.2.3 updated
    + Added more checks on user registration (Updated)
    + Template-register.php file  (Updated)
    18 October 14 – V1.2.3
    + Home page (Updated)
    + Overall css issues (Fixed)
    + Function added, admin can post unlimited premium ads (New)
    + Post page author thumbnail issue (Fixed)
    9 October 14 – V1.2.2
    + Regular ads expiry system included, Admin will control the whole system. (NEW)
    + Menu css. (Fixed)
    + Text transformation. (Fixed)
    2 October 14 – V1.2.1
    + Search system enhanced. (Update)
    + Ads calculation system enhanced. (Update)
    + Profile page css. (Fixed)
    27 September 14 – V1.2.0
    + Post moderation/review on/off option added at backend. (Added)
    + On edit post again moderation/review on/off option added at backend. (Added)
    + New feature MY ADS added on profile page. also display edit/delete buttons, views, status and date. (Added)
    + Author overview block redesigned, (Fixed)
    + User profile image upload feature added. (Added)
    + Price and location data lose issue fixed (Fixed)
    + PayPal redirect issue fixed (Fixed)
    + WP admin bar hide for normal users. (Added)
    22 September 14 – V1.1.0
    + Ads Locations block added on homepage  (Added)
    + Admin can add his own locations from backend (Added)
    + Locations URL  (Added)
    + Ad-sense compatible with campaign id (Added)
    + Tag Cloud widget limit (Added)
    + Callout message  (Added)
    18 September 14 – V1.0.2
    + Ads Moderation/Review system With one time preview to ad poster  (Added)
    + Ad delete from front-end option (Added)
    + Custom ad's url option  (Added)
    12 September 14 – V1.0.1
    + Top bar changed  (update)
    + Social sharing added  (new)
    + Menu hover and active state added  (new)
    + Premium ads related to category or randomly option added on category page  (new)
    + Author message box ad's detail page On/Off added  (new)
    + Ad-block class fixed  (fixed)
    + Ad detail page css fixed  (fixed)
    + Home page css fixed  (fixed)
    + Pricing plan without login fixed   (fixed)
    9 September 14 – V1.0
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    Last Update Created
    9 September 14
    High Resolution Yes Widget Ready Yes Compatible Browsers IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome Compatible With Facebook, WPML, WooCommerce 3.1.x, WooCommerce 3.0.x, bbPress 2.5.x, Visual Composer 5.1.x, Visual Composer 4.12.x, Visual Composer, Bootstrap 3.x Software Version WordPress 4.8.x, WordPress 4.7.x, WordPress 4.6.1, WordPress 4.6, WordPress 4.5.x, WordPress 4.5.2, WordPress 4.5.1, WordPress 4.5, WordPress 4.4.2, WordPress 4.4.1, WordPress 4.4, WordPress 4.3.1, WordPress 4.3, WordPress 4.2, WordPress 4.1, WordPress 4.0 ThemeForest Files Included PHP Files, CSS Files, JS Files Columns 4+ Documentation Well Documented Layout Responsive Tags
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